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The Lonely Journey front cover Lee Roddy - Cry of Courage cover

What would life be like if you were a teenager growing up in the midst of the Civil War?

EMILY was being forced to live at Briarstone with her uncle, a slave holder in the south. Her deceased parents were abolitionists and hated slavery. She had nowhere to go so how could she live where everything she saw went against her beliefs?

The Lonely Journey front cover

GIDEON dreamed of leaving the farm and becoming a writer. The war took away his brother and forced him to stay and work the farm he hated but his mother and father needed his help desperately. Finding the gold his father had hidden could save his family.

NAT, secretly educated, endured his life as a slave at Briarstone but never lost his determination to someday reunite with his mother, brothers and sister who had all been sold into slavery and had been lost to him.

Road to Freedom front cover


Teenagers Nat, Emily and Gideon are in great danger as each races the clock in desperate efforts to save themselves and others who are in mortal peril from a slave uprising.

NAT an escaped slave on the run in Virginia struggles to find and free his mother from her chains before slave catchers with vicious dogs catch them.

EMILY has a time-sensitive pass to return to Illinois from Virginia but she stays to help save the life of a childhood friend who is now a gravely wounded Yankee cavalryman hiding from confederate soldiers.

GIDEON a Virginia farm boy and Emily's neighbor, faces treason charges for helping hide Emily's childhood friend, now a wounded Yankee soldier.

Uprising at Dawn front cover


Gideon has an opportunity to leave his Virginia farm to becom a newspaper reporter if he gets to Richmond by a deadline. He jeopardizes that when he stays to help Emily prevent a slave uprising which threatens her life and family.

EMILY, trapped in Virginia when the Civil War starts hopes to return to her home in Illinois when suddenly her life is in jeopardy from a slave uprising. With help from Gideon and Nat, she rushes to save the lives of all who live in Briarstone Plantation.

Risking the Dream front cover


GIDEON loses possible employment as a cub reporter when his sample stories are stolen by another applicant. To support himself Gideon takes a dangerous assignment of smuggling secret frontline battle reports to the newspaper in defiance of military authorities.

EMILY'S slave holding cousin William orders her to leave Briarstone after she protests his harsh treatment of a slave. Penniless and alone in the Confederacy, the teenage girl desperately struggles to survive.

NAT restored as a household slave at Briarstone. Is falsely accused of stealing from his master, who decides to sell Nat into hard labor in the Deep South. Can nat prove his innocence before all chances of freedom are forever lost?

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Lance, a half grown German Shepherd pup is dumped into a hostile mountain wilderness to survive if he can. The abandoned dog begins a desperate quest to return to the boy who loved him. To the grieving father, Lance is a painful reminder that the boy and the dog were inseparable, so he wants to get rid of the dog. Lance's devotion to the boy drives him to defy attacks from both humans and animals in the frightening environment that almost costs his life.


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