cicelyWithout Cicely, I doubt that I could ever have made a living writing novels. I question whether I could handle the daily multi-tasking she does as part of a novelist’s life that is rarely known.

She is not only my wife, mother of our children, and grandmother to their kids, but she is an equal partner and business manager in the work we do. I write the books which are extremely time consuming. She is my in-house editor. She reads and critiques every word I write, and sometimes many rewrites. She proofs the finished manuscript before it goes to the publisher.

She has always been my ‘pom-pom’ girl who encourages me when I hit a rough spot. She did that for years when I had a “day job” to support our family and wrote 11 books in my spare time. But they didn’t sell. I often told Cicely, “If I ever make it as a writer….” She always replied, “WHEN you make it….”

She keeps the books, tax records, fills orders, addresses envelopes and mails them. She makes our computers, printers and other office machines work when they balk or quit on me and I stare helplessly at them. Cicely solves many such problems, but has a skilled webmaster to help as needed.

After six decades of marriage and 25 years of writing three monthly newspaper columns, Cicely still washes clothes, dishes, and does general housework plus the cooking. If not for the latter, I would starve because I’m totally inept in the kitchen. She also keeps in touch with our children and grandchildren. Yes, I do, too, but Cicely is a master at discerning things that elude me.

We met the first day of college in Los Angeles when she was Cicely Price. We used to sit in the quad where I’d tell her of my dream to become an author. She told about wanting to become an actress, which she did until changing to the preferred role of wife and mother.

This is just a glimpse into Cicely’s life, but I wanted you to know a little about her. When you think of me or my books, I hope you’ll also think of Cicely, the incredible woman behind the scenes who helped make it all happen.


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